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Make no mistake - we expect a massive response to this product and as it is a limited release, we expect much of the allocation to go to institutional investors. Grab this golden opportunity with both hands.

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The Centauri Story

Literally from a standing start only two years ago, Centauri Coin has been adopted by hundreds of businesses for transactions ranging from normal shop purchases to real big-ticket items.

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Commercial Centauri

From international car sellers accepting the Centauri Coin, right down to a shopkeeper in Zurich. Businesses all over are getting into the Centauri habit. It's a real fast-growing phenomenon.

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Private individuals

More and more people are turning to Centauri Coin as their new currency of choice. Whether they are buying or selling, CTX is fast becoming the Digital Currency to go for.

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CTX is a universal digital currency.

CTX is simple to use and both trader and customer-friendly. More and more stores and shops enjoy an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system. Centauri Coin is the next obvious step towards a completely cashless society.

Centauri Prime

As more and more traders are migrating to a Point of Sale (POS) payment system, what could be easier than you paying straight from your CTX Alpha Wallet? Have a look.

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People trust CTX

You will become increasingly aware of CTX and soon grow to trust it just as you trust the cash in your pocket.

CTX World

Thousands have already embraced the CTX culture as the community continues to grow. They all understand the growing value of Centauri Coins.

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CTX Events

More and more events are being organised which are exclusively funded with CTX. Just one example is CTX Poker.

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I don't like to carry money and when I heard about the Centauri Coin, I was right at the front of the queue and I continue to love them!

C. Birch
Sales and Marketing Director

Centauri Coin sounded classy and when I was invited to invest, I did. It was one of my better decisions. The growth has been spectacular!

R. Javaheri
IT entrepreneur

Initially, it was all about investment and I bought a bundle. Then I realised that quite a few outlets accept them! I am spending some of my capital appreciation!

M. Thony
Professional Yachtsman

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